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Grow your income, influence +

impact on video

You know when . . .

You go on camera and suddenly you feel nervous or frozen? You panic or struggle with words, ramble, put off the wrong energy, or are so boring you grab no one's attention at all.

You think to yourself, "If I put this out there, what kind of message will I be sending?"

Or maybe you do post videos, but they're not generating the results you want and you know you could look and sound better. Your leadership and business are on the line. But where do you begin?

Given the overwhelm and turbulence in today's business world, and the noise you're competing with, your ideas are only as good as your ability to be clear, concise, and compelling.

Yet, people are craving connection and community more than ever. So there is a need for your leadership and unique talent right now.

This program will help you go on video with a dynamic presence and meaningful message, so you can grow your impact as a leader. 

Whether you want to attract high-value clients or send inspiring messages to employees and stakeholders, how you come across on camera has never been more important. Because people will judge you, within seconds, on whether you are worthy of their tired eyeballs or not.

In the age of AI trends are:

- Empathy and connection first
- Trust is about human relationships and credibility
- People want to feel valued, included and part of a community now more than ever.

And it's no secret that our global instability has raised everyone's stress-levels and skepticism to new highs.

You can be the calm in the storm and unify people around your vision, mission or product with Video Confidence.

Raise Your Reputation

Invest in yourself to develop . . .

— The performance and relevant message that will hold people's attention  

— Valuable videos that make connections and build community

— A plan for consistent visibility that builds trust for your brand

With expert, customized feedback, your improved video presence can . . .

  • Bring in new business on a regular basis

  • Build more credibility and influence

  • Create inclusive, supportive communities

  • With this program, you get a proven framework that helps you connect with others, human-to-human, based on my 20+ years as a TV actress and my 8+ years as an award-winning communication expert.

    Plus, You have more than just my word

    You have a money-back guarantee. If this program is not a fit, simply ask for a refund within 30 days of the program start, and it will go back on your card within 72 hours.  It's California law.

    Use your new skills to help stakeholders feel valued in videoconferences, tovsend asynchronous messages to your teams, to send videos to potential clients, tovbuild connection with impactful storytelling and to create a strong personal brand on social media so that you and your services become trusted brands.

    Feel stress-free when you hit record to do all these things and more. Learn the structure, strategy, storytelling and performance to always be your best on camera. You now have a way forward.

    Welcome to Video Confidence.

    Transform Your Camera Communication

    Fast and powerful change

    Customized reviews of your videos are the GAME-CHANGING value of this program. 

    At every Zoom session, get detailed feedback on how to improve, customized to YOU:  

  • Exact steps to address your specific challenges, (and habits that aren't serving you), from a Hollywood veteran who has helped hundreds of business leaders.

  • Insight into what you're good at and how to turn weaknesses into strengths.

  • Tools to project the perfect energy every time you go on camera.

  • A high-value experience: With groups limited to 8 participants, there's ample time for laser feedback customized entirely to what you need for growth.

  • With your new, captivating performance and message, you become more relatable, and able to inspire loyalty and action. 

    Jasper started attracting high-value clients

    "This program is amazing. Michele transforms you on camera so others can connect with you — and know exactly what it is you do, why you’re doing it and how it will benefit them. I now love every moment that I look into the lens. I feel confident, I feel precise and I know that people are going to be contacting me because of how I connected with them on camera."

    JASPER DAYTON | Founder | Brandworx

    Tap Into a Proven Framework

    ACCESS to the Video Confidence program

    Time and again, this system has transformed people from unclear, camera shy, uninspiring or unable to reach their audience to highly engaging and visible. Because I value your time, these enjoyable lessons include only strategic steps that matter.

    Zero fluff. Highly targeted. Crafted by a 5/5-star rated coach.

    Allow 1 hour for each module and 1+ hour(s) for making your video or preparing a presentation to give on the coaching videocall. 


  • Learn methods used by video stars to attract high-value clients who also value you.

  • Crystallize your message on an emotional level to inspire loyalty and connection

  • Create tools to combat negative thoughts and find motivation — even when you’re most challenged.


  • Learn framing, lighting and audio tips from the pros to look amazing and sound engaging, every time. 

  • Create such a strong emotional connection that viewers take the next step with you. 

  • Humans are hard-wired for stories. Learn how to use stories to create super-sticky videos.


  • Do what Olympians do: Transform nerves into energy that enhances your performance. 

  • Step into complete presence with physical, vocal and mental warmups used by professional actors. 

  • Learn optimal ways to remember content so you can create the best system for you.

  • Learn how the brain decides whose voice to listen to. Then become unforgettable with your melodic voice.

  • Stop wasting hours deciding what to wear. Nail your wardrobe with a simple technique to always look your best.


  • Get the video structure top influencers use to attract attention and keep viewers watching. 

  • Learn to create and deliver relevant, meaningful value that turns you into a thought leader. 

  • After analyzing 3 video superstars, we explore YOUR superstar talents.


  • If you have a weekly or monthly show, brand it with this easy, yet addictive, show format.  

  • Discover how the human brain responds to videos for a clear vision of your next steps.  

  • Plan and promote your videos so you work smarter for the best return on your investment.


  • Design a ritual routine that will snap you into presence, for your best performance and energy every time.  

  • Consistently Make Awesome Videos with a success plan for the year. 

  • Grow Your Brand

    In addition to LIVE coaching sessions and your video reviews, you get access to the Video Confidence modules and this bonus . . . 



    Learn the formula, then write the outline for your concise and compelling opt-in video.  

    Maybe you're reading this page right now because you saw a video that inspired you and then opted into my email list. My clients' opt-in rates have increased 20% to 60% because we follow a structure that gets to the point quickly yet provides enough human connection to get results.





    When done right, a great intro video on your website or social media can work for you 24/7 to raise your personal brand and visibility. 


    Invite people into your world based on their desire for change, not on sleazy sales tactics or a video all about you. Make a great impact from the start, not only for your bottom line but from a desire to build relationships and help others.


    Toni doubled her opt-in rate

    "This program not only equipped me with the technical skills I needed, but also allowed me to examine my true message and the most effective way to bring that across on camera. The result? My last opt-in video converted at 60%. I have you to thank Michele."

    TONI BLACK| Founder | Toni Black Creative

    Violetta leveled up her videos

    "Your modules are loaded with real value I can implement into my videos. From warming up before I go on camera, warming up my voice, my body, my mind to working on the structure, and ways to memorize the content — which I struggled with the most. Getting the message across, being sure who the message is for and thinking of the call to action. It was awesome. It was worth every dollar. Actually, it's worth much more that that."

    VIOLETTA KROK | Founder | VK Coaching

    Ruby now promotes with fun social videos

    "Michele's style is captivating and motivating — and stopped my inner critic in her tracks. She makes lessons relevant, fun and easy to digest and is one of the best coaches I've ever encountered. I was worried I couldn't commit to making videos, but she held my hand through every step."

    RUBY DE FRESNO | President | Boldwell Inc. 



    Includes 24/7 video lessons, workbooks and everything you need for greater influence and impact. 

    ◆ Anytime program access

    ◆ 6-week transformation

    ◆ Intro + Opt-in Video bonuses



    Expert Guidance

    Includes 24/7 video lessons, workbooks and 2 private sessions with Michele where you'll get transformative feedback on your videos.

    ◆ Anytime program access

    ◆ 6-week transformation

    ◆ Intro + Opt-in Video bonuses

    ◆ 2 sessions 1:1 with Michele

    ◆ Transformative video feedback



    VIP Guidance

    Includes 24/7 video lessons, workbooks and 4 private sessions with Michele (+ a VIP bonus session) where you'll get transformative feedback on your videos and more.

    ◆ Anytime program access

    ◆ 8-week transformation

    ◆ Intro + Opt-in Video bonuses

    ◆ 4 sessions 1:1 with Michele

    ◆ Transformative video feedback

    ◆ 1 VIP Bonus Session with Michele



    Money Back Guarantee


    I’m so confident in the value of this program that . . .

    If you invest in VIDEO CONFIDENCE and decide it's not a fit, I will refund your investment 100%.

    Simply send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase.

    You don’t have to explain your reason.

    Sound fair?

    Michele Moreno


    Clients are THRILLED they invested

    Her videos now grab attention online

    "When I saw Michele’s compelling videos and learned about her system, I signed up for Video Confidence. She helped me grab people’s attention with compelling headlines and I created an entire social video plan. She hones in on exactly how to get to your best video self to really influence and impact others."

    MARY KEARNS, PhD | Founder | Falls Church, VA

    Her newfound confidence led to bigger contracts

    "I went from dreading the camera to confidently making videos that really help my audience.  Michele helped me find my personal style and now I use my energy to shine and deliver sharp, clear content that keeps my audience engaged. This has led to bigger contracts and, for the first time in my life, I’m excited to make videos!"

    JOANNE BUREK | Founder | Wordbeats

    About Michele

    An honors graduate from Stanford University, Michele became a published business writer for the influential Tom Peters and on 2 international best-sellers by Guy Kawasaki. But her dream of acting beckoned.

    Learning from every Hollywood hard knock, she landed roles on hit TV shows such as FX’s The Shield, ABC’s Boston Legal and NBC’s Parenthood and sang backup for the legendary Ray Charles.

    ICF-certified since 2015, she’s spoken at 60+ events, facilitated trainings across mid-market and Fortune 500 companies, and has individually coached 100+ leaders in public speaking, camera presence and executive communication.

    Awards: Growthspace Top Expert for a 5/5-star rating in executive communication coaching, Toastmasters MDR Recognized Impromptu Speaker, American Marketing Association OC Recognized Leadership Speaker.

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